Mindful Cleanse: PHASE 3

WHY 21-Days?


Believe it or not, we regenerate a new gut lining & new taste buds every 21 days. That means we have the ability to see a significant amount of healing in just 3 weeks. 


Our bodies are designed to constantly be detoxing, however, with additional stress & toxins over the years, our digestive organs get overworked and often need additional therapeutic support to breakdown, absorb, and filter what’s coming in and leaving our bodies. It is important to not only consult your physician before moving forward in a detox cleanse, but also to make sure all elimination pathways are clear. 


PHASE 3 is a 4-Day+ Mindful Reintroduction guide for the next phase of the 21-Day complete cleanse.  Beginners MUST start with Phase 1: Gentle Preparation before proceeding through the Detoxification Phase. Once completeing the Phase 2: DETOXIFICATION, take your time moving through PHASE 3 in learning how to LNT (Lingual-Neuro Test) yourself for food allergies & sensitivities.  Rather than playing the guessing game in what & how to bring foods back in, you can learn how to do some simple testing without expensive blood work.


**You will receive PASSWORD access to this online booklet for 30 Days.

Mindful Cleanse: PHASE 3

  • **You will receive PASSWORD access to this online booklet for 30 Days.

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