Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Elizabeth Van Driel

Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe we all have within us the tools needed to live authentically. It is my privilege to journey with you to discover your own resources and profound meaning. I believe in a truth of more than psychological significance. I also utilize collaborative approaches with mindfulness, breath work, and attention to the relationship between thoughts, behaviors, feelings, actions, and a somatic experience. I will work with you actively and systematically exploring inwardly to discover the wholeness of your life. There is no lasting personal healing without an experience of meaning at the depth of one’s being.

I partner with a Canine Therapy Animal, Bella, to provide care that can bring comfort and peace of mind while discovering and changing internal negative thoughts and beliefs. Sweet Bella is usually keeping company in my office offering her calm, supportive presence with the occasional flair for eliciting joy and laughter. Her presence often relieves stress and provides a grounding energy contributing to a sense of safety. Animal Assisted Therapy is a method to help relieve feelings of depression and anxiety. I incorporate animal assisted interactions when appropriate in order to support your journey.