Zen Stones


Licensed Professional Counselor

Rick is passionate about holistic health; mind, body & spirit. He loves seeking optimal health in his own life and helping others do the same. Rick holds a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) here in Oregon. Feel free to request a copy of his Personal Disclosure Statement.


Rick is also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer (American

Council on Exercise) and likes to incorporate mind-body

connective work, physical activity and breathing work

when it is fitting for clients.


As a competitive athlete and life long student of the human soul/spirit, Rick believes that within the mind (and all it's faculties) lies boundless potential and the power for positive change. Many of us have a fragmented view of ourselves and experience barriers (many internal, and some external) that prevent us from using all our gifts and reaching for our potential.

A holistic approach means that we do not look at the mind and it's thought patterns only. We look to all parts of the person and the environment that may be affecting health. Past life history, social influences, physical health or traumas, cognitions, emotions, spiritual & religious beliefs; all of these play a role in your journey towards health.

Rick is currently studying at the M.E.T.A. Institute in Portland, OR and is immersed in leaning about Mindfulness-based  and Experience-based methods, such as Hakomi & Re-Creation of the Self (RCS) Therapy.

The counseling experience offers a chance to expose the barriers, wherever they may lie, and break through into new & healthy experiences that allow one to utilize the tools to move forward with empowerment.