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Exercise-based therapy

There are various ways of accessing ‘core material’ which we may be seeking to resolve or bolster. Talk-Therapy is a common avenue, but there are others, such as somatic and mindfulness-based approaches.  Exercise-based Therapy with Rick Cummings, is an opportunity to learn more about mindfulness, body movement, fitness, and how the three intersect as a means for internal accessing and transformation.

Sessions can range from slow and gentle, to fast-paced and vigorous, always tailored to the client’s goals and abilities.

Physical safety and therapeutic ethics are always at the forefront, so clients can expect additional screening and waivers to apply for these sessions.

Rick Cummings is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as an ACE- Certified Personal Trainer with CPR and First-Aid training.

Session Length: 60-75 minutes  (prices vary, as Insurance may be considered)

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